James Callner M.A. is a retired college teacher of 37 years. In that time he taught film-making, Screenwriting, TV/Film Production, Acting and Confidence and Self Esteem Classes. He is a professional filmmaker and photographer. 


"When I was 12 my father, Jerry Callner, introduced me to film and photography. He had been doing it all his life becoming one of the countries leading educational filmmakers. I remember him buying me my first Nikon and converting one of our bedrooms in our house into a darkroom and a second darkroom in a half bath in the house. My father not only taught me the basics of photography – light, dark, composition, subject matter, visual interest, etc., but gave me a small job on all his movie sets. There, I would learn from watching his cinematographers, lighting directors and crew. I went on to get a masters degree in film/theater but my real training was from all those years with my dad. Having had an anxiety disorder almost all my life my heart goes out to those that suffer daily. I am blessed to live by the ocean with my wonderful wife Jeanine. And I know, to look at a beautiful soothing photograph can shift an anxious mind and heart to calmness - even if it’s for a few moments. For those few moments I offer you my photography." – James Callner


Mr Callner's Photography are called Calming Compositions, intended to visually help soothe anxiety.

He lives happily with his wife on the Monterey Bay, California.